EURUSD 1.13655 / 1.13655

USDCAD 1.33561 / 1.33561

USDJPY 113.597 / 113.597

USDCHF 0.99351 / 0.99351

GBPUSD 1.26602 / 1.26602

EURGBP 0.89767 / 0.89767

AUDUSD 0.72253 / 0.72253

NZDUSD 0.68619 / 0.68619

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Most Popular Forex Commodites Indices Stocks
EURUSD Sell 1.13655  Buy 1.13657  Spread   2 Trade
USDJPY Sell 113.597  Buy 113.599  Spread   2 Trade
GBPUSD Sell 1.26603  Buy 1.26609  Spread   6 Trade
USDCHF Sell 0.99351  Buy 0.99355  Spread   4 Trade
EURGBP Sell 0.89767  Buy 0.89775  Spread   8 Trade
AUDUSD Sell 0.72253  Buy 0.72257  Spread   4 Trade
USDCAD Sell 1.33561  Buy 1.33566  Spread   5 Trade
NZDUSD Sell 0.68619  Buy 0.68624  Spread   5 Trade
XAUUSD Sell 1241.94  Buy 1242.09  Spread   15 Trade
XAGUSD Sell 14.745  Buy 14.761  Spread   160 Trade
Spreads may differ during volatile markets. The above prices are indicative only

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